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Jackson is from Huntsville, Alabama, and is best known for making videos on his TikTok account where he has gained over 3M followers and almost 90M likes altogether. His most viewed video, the wipe it down challenge, has over 17 million views and 2.6 million likes. He has attended social media events such as Playlist Live earlier this year, and has worked with some notable brands such as Fashion Nova most recently. When he isn’t creating videos, Jackson enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing video games, and having fun outdoors.


Ace is from and currently resides in Nixa, Missouri, USA. He is most known for his TikTok videos where he makes content for his nearly 850k followers of him and his friends dancing. One of such videos got him over 5.1M views and over 1.3 likes! He is also known for his collaborations with PSD and TC Social Club. Ace looks forward to more collaboration opportunities with other brands such as Gym Shark and Unexpected. Outside of social media, Ace plays baseball and enjoys finding different adventures to explore. One thing most of his followers might not know is that he loves working with people and making others happy.


Bryce was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where he still lives today. He is most known on TikTok where he has gained over 700K followers making dancing videos and POV content. His highest liked video was a POV and gained over 1.1M likes! When he’s not on social media, Bryce loves to play basketball more than anything. He has big goals, and looks forward to the day that he hits 1M followers on his TikTok and Instagram accounts.


Jacob was born in Springfield, Illinois before moving to Georgia at a young age where he still lives today. He is most known on TikTok, where he has gained over 1.5M followers and counting. This year he has made a huge impact on children all over the world by being part of Operation Christmas Child. He looks forward to growing his various social media accounts and maybe even writing a song, a huge request from his many followers. Beyond the For You page, Jacob enjoys anything that involves being active and outside, such as playing basketball and lacrosse, skating, surfing, wakeboarding, or just about anything that keeps him active.


Katelyn was born in Oregon, but currently lives in Washington State. Her TikTok account is fast growing and sits at over 1M followers and 60M likes altogether. She has worked with companies such as Fashion Nova and the Ulta Florence Campaign, attended Playlist Live earlier this year and Vidcon 2019. As Katelyn continues to grow as a creator, she looks forward to working with more companies and adding on more projects in the future.


Eddie was born and raised in Ventura, California and currently lives in Santa Maria, California. He is most known for his TikTok account where he has gained nearly 900k followers and over 22M likes  altogether. Eddie attended Playlist live earlier this year, and has worked with brands such as Suspicious, Plain Los Angeles, SugarBearHair and many others. When he’s not making TikTok’s, Eddie likes hanging out with his friends, spending time at the lake and fishing. He looks forward to expanding his following on all platforms and gaining more experience in the social media world overall.


Kristian is from Springfield Missouri and currently lives in Nixa, Missouri. He enjoys acting and creating content for his nearly 250K TikTok followers. He has worked with some notable companies such as HookedTV and Silver Dollar City Amusement Park, and was also the lead role in his highschool musical, “The Drowsy Chaperone”, where he learned tap and many other dance skills. When he’s not acting or making content on social media, Kristian enjoys being with family and friends, and being active outdoors. He looks forward to a happy and fulfilling future with the people he loves by his side.


Calvin is from New Jersey and is most known for his “glow up” videos on TikTok. His account is fast growing, and has gained over 450k followers in only a short period of time. Some of Calvin’s proudest moments have included winning 1st place overall on the East Coast as a goaltender on his hockey team, and sending care packages to US troops overseas. When he isn’t making videos, winning awards, and being a young philanthropist, Calvin also enjoys producing music and photography.